What do you pray for in South Korea
It is hard to believe that little more than fifty years ago Korea was a poor agrarian country. And you reflect: and what does the explosive growth of the economy…

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The Amazing customs in different countries
Awesome customs in different countries In Norway it is not customary to give place to older people in transport. It is believed that you emphasize their physical superiority. In the…

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A child’s birthday in Japan – the child Wants a holiday extravaganza. If you have ideas, just great!


Kids from other countries may well envy the children from Japan as that’s where the largest number of holidays for children. Besides birthday in Japan mark special holidays for boys and girls, parties for children of all ages. At the moment children’s festivals are celebrated in the family, and was such that some have even declared a state.

Birthday of a kid is one of the main events for every Japanese family. In ancient times the birth on light of a new man was accompanied by four of the ritual, and they were held in the evenings, all of the first, third, fifth and seventh days from birth. In our time some where else there is the custom of the seventh day is the ritual of naming “asitia”. On this day the newborn for the first time appears before the friends and family reported his name given by parents. Even if the name was chosen before the ceremony of the seventh day, to call them child only begin after it. While all the guests already at the table, a nanny or grandmother shows the child, and the head of the family holiday announces the name of Chad. Guests, as expected, the newborn drink sake – rice vodka and eat specially prepared meals.

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Incurable workaholics, or less Where the rest of all

According to the company Expedia, who interviewed more than 7000 people, more than all the rest Europeans. And it’s not just that they have almost a month to relax. They just use the whole vacation, and Asians themselves shorten it.

Lack of money is the basic cause of shirking a legitimate vacation.

For a long period of paid leave is costly to the state, but not always economic indicators suffer from the fact that workers have a rest for 30 days. For example, Luxembourg 27% surpassed the US in productivity, although its inhabitants rested 32 days, and Americans 14. Often in countries where little vacation, a lot of national holidays — mandatory weekend for all. In the UK the leave lasts 28 days, but only 8 holidays, and in South Korea, 19 rest days and holidays as much as 15.

By the way, in some countries, holidays are not carried over to Monday if falls on a weekend, for example in Switzerland and Norway. And in General we should be glad that our vacation is not very dependent on years of service.But in Asia and Canada young professional on a tiny vacation.

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The Feasts of the first month of spring – Different – About Japan – articles Directory – Anime look

The first month of spring in Japan can confidently be called the month of the girls. However, on 8 March – international women’s day in Japan is not celebrated, rather, is celebrated unofficially and only in big cities such as Tokyo or Osaka . The majority of the female population of Japan do not know about the existence of International women’s day. And yet March in Japan can be called women’s month, as it was in March in Japan marked two of women’s day: “Day girls” and ” White day “.

On March 3, Japan celebrates “girls Holiday” or ” doll Festival “, in Japanese called ” Hina-Matsuri “. In homes where there are girls, holiday exhibit of dolls (Hina skins), decorated with flowers of peach, cooked treats – colored diamond-shaped mochi (hishimochi), biscuits, sweet white sake. This holiday has other names: the “Feast of peaches” and ” girls Holiday “. Hina is a little paper doll. At the end of the eighth century in Japan was a popular children’s game “Hina” (the game in the household paper dolls), and there was a belief that the changing seasons have to ask the deities about the personal well-being, presenting him the treat. Was the custom to throw into the river paper or straw doll, rubbing her body. It was believed that Continue reading

Features of development of the countries of Central Asia after the collapse of the USSR. Kazakhstan - the Development of the countries of Central Asia after the collapse of the Soviet Union - history
Features of development of the countries of Central Asia after the collapse of the USSR. Kazakhstan Kazakhstan adopted the Declaration of sovereignty on 25 October 1990 Kazakhstan's Independence was proclaimed…


National characteristics of the genital organs
National peculiarities of the genital organs Australian researchers shared results of a rather unusual but very interesting work. Experts of the international rating of the size of erect penises from…

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