Interesting and amazing facts about Thailand
Thailand Collected 30 amazing facts about Thailand, which personally I was very surprised. Indeed a mysterious country! When Fyodor Tyutchev wrote: Mind Russia not to understand A common yardstick does…

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Speech At the Symposium the Future of Asia
Deputy Premier of the state Council of China on may 23 And held in Tokyo the Symposium "Future Asia" gave a speech on "the Rise of Asia and the total…

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The Most unusual family tradition world

In any country of the parents want their kid the best, but it is “best” differs depending on the nationality and geographic location, says NPR. Perhaps someone’s experience seems helpful moms from our latitude.

1. In Norway the children sleep on the street, even at zero temperature. When a Norwegian child is one year old, he is sent in so-called “Barna Hagen” or kindergarten, which is open from eight in the morning until five in the evening. Such institutions are normally paid, and cost a few hundred dollars a month. Most of the time children spend on the street, even if the temperature falls below zero. You can often see how NAPs Norwegian children held on the open veranda while on the street a strong frost.

2. Vietnamese mothers teach children to go to the toilet on command. When the mother sees that the child is going to pee, it makes a whistling sound. Very soon the child begins to associate the whistle with urination and ready! Now if the mother want the baby went to the toilet, it helps to whistle. It sounds odd, but the Vietnamese kids as young as nine months can do without diapers.

3. The moms from Kenya it is not customary to look into the child’s eyes. They believe that the contact is “eye to eye” is very strong and enslaves the will of the child, and therefore avoid looking at the baby Continue reading