The Most unusual sexual traditions of the peoples of the world
Many interesting and unknown are fraught with traditions of the peoples of our planet. And, it's mysterious and forbidden topic of sex couldn't stay away and naturally, is reflected in…

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Interesting and amazing facts about Thailand
Thailand Collected 30 amazing facts about Thailand, which personally I was very surprised. Indeed a mysterious country! When Fyodor Tyutchev wrote: Mind Russia not to understand A common yardstick does…

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Citrus – Inspired by the culture of citrus fruits

The trench culture based on the principle of heat transfer walls and bottom of trenches, in which, with proper shelter from above, in winter the temperature remains positive even at lower external air up to -20 ° -25°. This method of culture citrus is specific for areas with deep, warm loess soils, does not require additional costs not only for winter heating, but also at creating in the trenches an artificial nutrient substrate (N. V. Smolsky).

Dry subtropics of Central Asia may become the second production base of citrus fruits in our country. Inspired by the culture of citrus expedient not only in Tajikistan but also in many areas of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. The development of trench culture in Tajikistan was launched in 1949 and by the end of 1967, the districts of Vakhsh valley were already 45 thousand plants, about half of them fruit-bearing, with gross harvest for the last years, more than 2 million fruit.

In collective farms and state farms of the Tajikistan of citrus to build a model trench width 3 m, depth 1.7 m and a length of 60 m. the Plants are placed in trenches in one row. In loamy loess soil walls of the trench are well kept and did not require Assembly; Continue reading

Speech At the Symposium the Future of Asia

Deputy Premier of the state Council of China on may 23 And held in Tokyo the Symposium “Future Asia” gave a speech on “the Rise of Asia and the total debt of China and Japan”.

And noted that peace and development of Asia stand as the face of historic opportunities and the threat of various challenges. To keep up with the trends of time and effort to create a peaceful, stable, developed, prosperous and harmonious Asia — historical debt that must work together to fulfill Asian countries. In order to implement these goals it is necessary to learn the successful experience of other world regions in development of multilateral cooperation and facilitate regional integration and to take full account of the peculiarities of Asia and look for the integration path corresponding to the realities of Asia and with Asian specifics, the principles and objectives guiding the integration process.

In this regard, And suggested: first, to approve the Asian consciousness and strengthen solidarity and cooperation; second, strengthen political mutual trust and taking account of mutual concern; thirdly, to update the concept of security and to ensure peace and stability; fourth, to promote comprehensive cooperation with trade and economic cooperation; fifth, to respect the diversity of civilization and call for openness Continue reading