Family traditions: Korea
Korea South Korea is exotic, although, however, and modernity. Located in the southern part of the Korean Peninsula. South Korea is a highly developed country with beautiful scenery, and friendly…

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Japanese clothing
Japanese style in clothing Not so long ago Japan was closed government. Everything new hardly penetrated to this country. The Europeans are also reluctant to accept anything that concerns Japanese…

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Environmental truth – In South Korea passes world Congress on nature protection



NPP new generation will be built in China

Treatment of “Eco-Truth” to visitors

The court of Novorossiysk harsh, but fair

llegal peat extraction stopped in the Taldom district

Forest-“victims” Baikal will be planting again

Eco-activists cleaned up the shore of the Oka Stupino area

Developed new technology of water purification from oil

September 22 – “car free Day” in the Moscow region

Clearly created is a scale model of the Solar system

20 September – Day of forest workers

In Protvino appeared fir alley

Youth eco-teams may appear in 2016

The beavers started the reserve of hydraulic works

Eco-initiative for the collection of tyres kicks off in Moscow suburbs in October

Completes pre-Assembly of the Shelter for Chernobyl

River fish became the victim of Adyghe cheese

Hundreds of tons of radioactive water “Fukushima” trapped in the ocean

Belarus is increasing the number of objects with radiation

To support “Eco-Truth” in the contest

The first protected areas in the Moscow region entered into the inventory

The landfill threatens the aircraft of the airport in Kamchatka

The equipment for SNF storage – made in “Turboatom”?

The use of reagents to disperse the clouds – ban?

Industry recycling of MSW in Russia virtually none.

The Muscovites called the main environmental problems

Russia is still eyeing the Armenian NPP

Forests of Primorye will be given to the development of “simplified taxation system?”

To reduce the volumes of flared associated petroleum gas

Russian island of nuclear medicine

In the suburbs there are natural curiosities

China will build in the suburbs of mesarosova

In South Africa will reduce CO2 emissions through new nuclear power plants

Rosatom will spend on the ecology 33 billion

In Buryatia on fighting the fire – rescue and more military

Lunar soil collected “Apollo”, strongly withers

Coal ash and ash from thermal power plants contain radionuclides

Fusion: ITER is not a single

On Svalbard will begin work Russian research center

In the Manege exhibition dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Russian nuclear industry

Russia No. 1 for the number of trees on Earth

Tracked planned attack on thickets of Hogweed

In the footsteps of eco-catastrophe in Balashikha. A month later.

Solar energy gift

On the Yamal Peninsula has become cleaner

In the Republic of Korea put into operation a radioactive waste repository

New poisonous mushroom in the country

Primorye goes under the water being evacuated villages

“the House of the beaver” appears in the Voronezh region

If not cut wood, it will destroy the bark

“EuroChem” in the Leningrad region is building the largest ammonia plant

Medical Protvino accelerator from install in Obninsk

MKAD: I propose to make overpasses for the elk

South-Ukrainian nuclear power plant: repair of unit 1 completed

You pass in recycling tires? It’s in Chekhov

Saturday “Green Russia” will be held in the science city

Lines reduced intake of natural fresh water

In the Plesetsk launch rockets, and there will be pellets

Governor: forest restoration is our priority

How to get rich on greenhouse gases

Residents Findings are horrified by the condition of the city’s beaches

Natural area “the Origins of Moscow” caused concern

Buryatia in the fire

Oil “chemical bomb” under Ust-Kamenogorsk

The cyclotron and the synchrotron for the Far East

In the state of Washington has imposed a state of emergency because of fires

To inhale the second life in spent nuclear fuel

The average temperature on the planet: the July record

Created expert Council under the Ministry of ecology of Moscow region

“Kuz’kina mother” will appear at the Kremlin wall in the form of a copy

State of emergency on the oil pipeline in Perm region

North pole – for the umpteenth time on the water

Shatursky lakes owe their origin to the cosmos

Siberia: fire seize new square

Last year the cleanup will be held in the reserve

Determined dates of the next forum “AtomEco-2015”

It is planned to introduce the road sign “Dirty exhaust”

The wear of the pipeline and the fire on the Moscow river

In the global energy mix has increased, the share of atomic

Environmentalists created an interactive map of air pollution

In the DPRK, possibly, will increase uranium production

Smells finals

Moscow (Muscovy) will be included in the periodic table

In China blew up the warehouse of chemicals: tens victims

The restart of NPP in Japan – only a matter of time