Interesting facts about South Korea
Interesting facts about South Korea The most important and interesting facts about South Korea . South Korea is among the Developed countries; South Korea leader in medicine among Asian countries.…

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The Feasts of the first month of spring - Different - About Japan - articles Directory - Anime look
The first month of spring in Japan can confidently be called the month of the girls. However, on 8 March - international women's day in Japan is not celebrated, rather,…

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The worst restaurants Japan – culinary Israel news

The worst restaurants in Japan

Tokyo knows a lot about psychology! The ability to surprise not only laid the basis for the architecture of this space of the city, but also in the entertainment industry. This is one of the most unusual capitals of the world, many tourists it is a real shock and leaves unforgettable memories.

Blow up the consciousness – this is the real marketing in Tokyo! And this approach is used here in everything, whether it’s the appliances, the invention of new computer technologies, the construction of housing, the design of children’s toys, or the idea for a restaurant. Among the latter there are truly unique masterpieces, which are unique not found anywhere else in the world. Here is a list of restaurants to be visited should be included in the compulsory programme of visitors to Japan and the thrill-hungry.

Namahage– a restaurant, where before the appearance of the waiters in awe not only children, but adults with delicate psyche. They dressed and portrayed as evil demons. During peaceful meal can suddenly turn off the lights and heard a shrill yell, and the sorrow. Horror! But not for the Japanese. In this restaurant come with families, and there is always – sold out.

No less “bloody” charm school and has VampireCafé. Dark red velvet curtains in the arches, luminous “blood” cells on the floor, dusty draping around the chandeliers and cracked mirrors. Visitors are the heroes of this vampire film. The kitchen is standard. But this is almost the only place in Tokyo where you can drink one drink and leave. The cocktail list – drinking on the basis of “blood”, including “Bloody Mary”, “blood orange” and so on.

Quite the thrill gives visitors institution AlcatrazER.What good citizen would not dream at least once in a life prison to be a prisoner! Created here is an absolute excuse of a hospital of hospital, where all clients – patients. The waitresses are dressed as nurses. They put on the handcuffs visitors and very realistic pretend going to inject them from the painful prick of the syringe hefty. Sometimes the door randomly opens one of the chambers, and hall leaves the prisoner in a wheelchair, shouting all sorts of lewdness. The names of the dishes imitate prison slang: “the chicken Dead”, “Sausage-penis”, “Intestines”.

This concludes a small tour of the restaurant in ascetic style – NinjaAkasaka. The visitor wanders through the dark corridors, decorated in the style of Indiana Jones in Japanese style. He is faced with a real ninja, he’s not gonna hurt, if spoken with the correct password. The waiters are pretty militant, tables are located in caves. However, the food is quite traditionally Japanese. Desserts, according to customers, is terrible. However, judging by the number of fans, this meal is the entertainment many have to taste.

Despite a quite ordinary kitchen, these institutions together took a worthy place in the untwisted “Michelin” rating. These Tokyo attractions combines very specific shakirovna the clients to attract them. And so to return to this restaurant again or not – to judge everyone based on their own experiences and preferences.

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