The Traditional holidays in Japan: Japanese New year
New year in Japan Traditional Japanese holidays You can hardly find a country like Japan, where such a wide variety of holidays. However, the specificity of Japanese holidays is their…

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23 interesting facts about U.S. colleges
23 interesting facts about American colleges 17 March 2012. Section Training As a rule, are paid worse than teachers-Humanities (music, foreign languages, fine arts, drama, etc.) Teachers for Economics, physics,…

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Sexual customs of different countries

Come and “Joby”: erotic circumnavigation.

Interesting how many different traditions people observe our planet! Among them special place is occupied by all kinds of erotic rituals. Some of them seem representatives of other cultures are funny, ridiculous, or even creepy…


An ancient sexual tradition with the poetic name “Joby” lived in villages of Japan until the late nineteenth century. It seems that to this day somewhere in the province it exists. “Stalker of the night” – roughly translates as her name. The gist of it is this: anyone not afraid of this word, who wants a young man under the cover of night to sneak into the house unmarried and longed for, Yes to get in her bed, under the covers. Thus, to act in a “horror, flying on the wings of the night” must necessarily naked. Otherwise, it can be mistaken for a burglar. And here is the woman who decides to make a delightful heart of oak “yobai” or to drive him away.


At the meeting, local natives instead of the usual European man shaking hands, touching the penis of companion. So they show him their friendly attitude.

Northern Kamchatka.

About the tradition of the inhabitants of these protected sites can talk for hours. They are so authentic and diverse. For example, in remote Northern villages of Kamchatka for many centuries the tradition has a firm guest copulation with the wife of the owner of the house. So that the guest will agree to this act, the woman is ready to virtually all, because it is a great honor for her. It is believed that if she will be pregnant, luck will never leave her family and the families of all the neighbors.

Tibet. If a young woman wants to get married, she should have in her personal track record includes no less than ten sexual partners. Otherwise, she is considered “incompetent”.


But Polynesian woman can combine the knot only if she has two children. It speaks of her as capable motherhood the Keeper of the hearth.


Here, it seems, as in many modern European countries, people can be sexually licentious. Of course, not all. But during the Cologne festival is quite unfamiliar citizens and citizen in all seriousness (without fear of ending up in court or be beaten) can remorselessly to offer each other “make it”. Many agree, and meet, as they say, after…

South Africa.

In some tribes in southern Africa, men are afraid of birth of twins, whom they believe to be evil. And therefore disfigure his penis, cutting off one egg. And in some tribes men before the wedding, forced to copulate with the mother of the bride, as many times as need be, in order to prove their worth. It is noteworthy that the first future father-in-law of the groom… inspects for the state of his body, teeth and other advantages…

Central Africa.

In a certain tribe “chillaki” the chief can marry the most beautiful women. Even if there be a hundred of them. Or more. But if the spouse suddenly starts to complain of sexual inadequacy of her husband, she can be executed the most terrible way, because tribal legends say that the leader is impotent cannot bring the divine power of fertility of the land or the nursing of all the farm buildings.


Dangerous is the custom of the Indians of the tribe “tupinamba”, who believe that women love men for their dignity. Therefore men put their penises bitten by poisonous snakes. So swollen and increased. Apparently, there is an effective antidote.

What we don’t know about the Thais and Thailand? What we don’t know about the Thais and Thailand? We have collected the information about Thailand and Thai people that you never would have known without reading this article.

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