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National characteristics of the genital organs

National peculiarities of the genital organs

Australian researchers shared results of a rather unusual but very interesting work. Experts of the international rating of the size of erect penises from the data received from all over the world.

The fact that the size of penis is always a topical issue for males, is hardly a unique discovery. It is enough to read the work of any reputable psychologists and psychoanalysts to realize that the attitude to the dignity of the stronger sex is very anxious. More tremulous than women, most of which relate to their genitals, to put it mildly, neutrally. Some macho enough to show a picture of a threat to the male groin – and he will demonstrate a number of symptoms for his particular emotional and even physiological state. The connection of man’s consciousness with bodily bottom, first of all, instinctively, and for a number of reasons (e.g. cultural) – the strongest and very special. Men’s “I” directly associated with the body at the bottom. So the penis size worried, concerned, and probably will be for a long time to excite the stronger sex.

But what scientists found out from Australia?

Perhaps someone will not believe. Doubted the veracity of the data. But anyway, in the top five doesn’t include neither the Europeans nor the Asians. Absolute leaders in this sense were residents of Africa and South America. So, in the first place in “the Golden five” came out men from the African Congo with the index in 17,93 cm (note: a rating made up of, so to say, average). Second and third place was taken by men living in Ecuador and Ghana, and the fourth and the fifth place in Colombia and Venezuela: their rates vary up to 17 “plus or minus”.

Crossing Europe

You know that paprika help to strengthen the mucous membranes and to enhance male potency, so much so that excites even the most lazy in the sense of sexual the stronger sex? Perhaps that is why the leaders among European Nations in this ranking turned out to be Hungarian men, because the peppers, or just peppers (as well as the spice from it) – one of the most respected products in the local cuisine. Average penis Hungarians is quite an impressive figure – 16,1 see

Next on the list are the French, the Danes and the Italians. Germans, Turks and Scandinavians were in the third group: 13,48 14, 88. Russian men with their 13,21 cm take pride of place in the fourth group after Belarusians (14,63) and Ukrainians (13,97), side by side with the Americans and the Australians.

The penises measured in residents of Asia, was on lower positions of the ranking. The record in this group belongs to residents of South Korea and North Korea – men in these countries have to be members averages 9.66 as per see you Can, of course, be ironic on this subject, but let’s face it: who stops it?

On the ability to conceive such indicators, and if affected, it is only in the strongest sense, what is quite easy to verify. And judging by the fact that the level of depression among the inhabitants of the Asian region exemplary low, to suffer these inches no one once again not make.

Long penis – short mind

After analyzing the “world picture”, the experts came to the paradoxical conclusion that the impressive size of the male member, ironically, may be a sign of… low mental abilities. Comparing penis size with IQ, the scientists found that the highest IQ from 97 to 108 – can boast of are the representatives of the stronger sex, which in this rating took the seemingly unenviable position of the Chinese, Americans and Australians.

As for the Russians, our compatriots being in the second group with a very good performance between 88 and 97. But residents of African countries have become outsiders, perhaps, thus proving that the size of the genitals is offset by a reduced level of mental development.