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Family traditions: Korea


South Korea is exotic, although, however, and modernity. Located in the southern part of the Korean Peninsula.

South Korea is a highly developed country with beautiful scenery, and friendly people. After the Second world war the country became a Republic. The country covers a dense network of canals, rivers and vast areas covered with forests, which cover about 60% of the area of the whole country. The only neighbour of that country is North Korea, which has a much poorer nature. This is mainly due to the warmer climate and great coastline of South Korea.


The history of Korea is rooted in the year 2333 BC. According to the legend, it was then that Dan-gun founded the first Korean Kingdom – Cocoon. From 57 BC 676 lasted the Era of the Three Kingdoms. Three Royal dynasties: Goguryeo, Baekje and Silla then fought for influence over the country. In the end, the latter won. In the X century began the reign of the Koryo dynasty. Its significance is evidenced by the fact that the Cortex is where the name “Korea”. At the time Buddhism became the state religion and greatly influenced both culture and politics. In 1392, General Lee overthrew the Song dynasty with the help of their Chinese allies. That was the beginning of the Joseon dynasty, which ruled until 1910.

The influence of Chinese culture was seen mainly at the expense of Confucianism, which became popular from the late fourteenth century. A little later began the conflict with Japan. As a result, only since the nineteenth century, Korea was on a larger scale to maintain contact with Europe. July 25, 1905, Korea was declared a protectorate of Japan, and 5 years later was completely zahvachena. The period of Japanese occupation lasted until 1945. Only then, red Army troops occupied the North of the country, at a time when the Americans occupied the South. As history has shown, this event had serious consequences for the occupied territories. In 1953, South Korea has concluded with US the Treaty of mutual defense. In 1963 he received the power of the dictator. Since then, the political situation in the country has improved significantly. However, until now the actual problem is the question of a possible unification with North Korea.

Addictive tolerance, which differ in Koreans. This is well seen on the example of religious tolerance – Buddhists, Christians and followers of Confucianism live here next to each other without any strife. Interesting culture is another reason to come to South Korea. Although the state is on a high economic level are in demand and modern technologies, still a huge attention is paid to traditions and customs. There is Korean cuisine. A real celebration, especially for fans of bright flavors.

South Korea is a safe country for foreigners. There is a lot of entertainment and interesting places that attract tourists. English is not here, however, is too popular, so you may have problems with communication. Interesting is that, despite the rapid development and the highly developed technology, great attention is paid to traditions and customs prevailing here.

When is the best time to fly to South Korea?

Best time to visit South Korea is spring or autumn. In the spring we can admire the beauty of cherry blossoms, and in autumn (in November), trees and shrubs cover themselves in countless number of colors that evoke the Golden autumn. From mid June to September is the rainy season, and it was then that the country is often haunted by the typhoons. Winter in South Korea is relatively mild, but temperatures can drop below zero.

Remember that foreign citizens entering the territory of South Korea, must obtain a tourist visa, which is valid for 90 days. To get it, it is enough to show the passport card and border-crossing, available on the plane or at customs at the airport.

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