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Wedding dresses, the tradition of Asia

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Wedding dresses, the tradition of Asia

Since ancient times, choosing a wedding dress, people sought to protect their future family from evil spirits, misfortune and destruction. The symbolism of wedding dresses of different peoples of Asia were chosen not randomly, but based on habitat conditions of the people. These include climatic conditions and ways of obtaining food, and basic crafts of a people.

The main theme in an Asian wedding dress is a woman’s submission to her future husband and modesty. And, of course, every wedding dress in Asia carries the attributes of happiness, prosperity and having many children of a young family. The diversity of traditions and costumes of brides in Asia is very difficult to describe in a short article. But I’ll try to describe the main elements of wedding dresses of brides in the Asian countries.

In India the traditional color for wedding dress (saree) is considered to be red with gold embroidery and adornments. It is believed that more gold will wear on the bride, the greater the wealth and prosperity will be her married life, so sometimes the weight of gold ornaments may reach 8-10 pounds! In some parts of India brides wear a large number of bracelets on the hands. It is believed that bracelets will bring her luck.

Wedding dress Korean brides is quite complex, it combines the two looks. At first the bride wear green dress, and over it a silk dress with flowers and butterflies. Both dresses have rich embroidery, symbolizing wealth and prosperity. The white sleeves of the bride is taped ribbons traditional Korean colors: red, blue, and yellow. The color white is purity and respect, red – earth, blue – sky, yellow – humanity. The girl’s arms, wrapped in white in sign of purity and respect.

In China, red and gold colors symbolize the love, joy and prosperity. So on the wedding ceremony everything from dresses and ending with the candles and gift envelopes are red and gold colors. The bridesmaid dress is decorated with fabulous embroidery with Golden birds and flowers. Golden birds – the symbol of marriage in China. It is believed that they bring luck and happiness. The bride’s face completely covers a red silk veil. Sometimes the veil is made of many small silk tassels or beads. In China, the bride has to change wedding outfit several times a day to look fresh for the wedding ceremony and subsequent reception. Therefore, modern Chinese girls prefer to the main ceremony to wear traditional dress, and followed by a reception at the white dress in the European style.

The traditional color of wedding dresses in Japan as and in Europe is considered white. Bride dresses in traditional wedding attire (shiromuku) entirely white: from the silk veil, and long kimono clothes, Obi belt, tabi socks and sandals. In Japan, however, white has a symbolism different from the European: in Europe if the white color symbolizes purity and innocence, in Japan he is a symbol of new beginnings, wearing white kimono, the bride demonstrates that its brings nothing to the groom’s house.

In Thailand the bride on the wedding day, wear colorful outfits variety of colors. Sometimes the dress is decorated with gold. By tradition, Thai day the bride will change outfits a dozen. They can be a variety of colors, but not black. Black in Thailand is considered a symbol of mourning, so to choose a dress for the wedding – a bad sign.

Singapore is fairly progressive country with modern traditions. So in Singapore brides prefer the European version of the white dress. But sometimes girls choose almost forgotten national wedding dress of bright colors richly decorated with silver and gold.