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North Korea promised to continue tests

North Korea promised to continue their tests

North Korea announced on Thursday about the “successful start” several missiles, including long range, as part of regular military exercises. Despite the concerns of neighboring States, including Russia, in North Korea found its missile programme “factor of peace and stability” in the region.

“today’s successful launches of missiles this is a regular part of our army military exercises to strengthen the defence power of the sovereign”, – said the representative of the foreign Ministry of the DPRK through the Central Telegraph Agency of Korea (KCNA).

This statement was also stated by South Korean news Agency Renhap.

“Our army will continue missile tests in the framework of strengthening deterrence,” he said.

The representative of the North Korean foreign Ministry rejected the accusations against his country, reminding that North Korea is not bound by any international obligations in the missile area, because it is not a party to the Treaty on limiting the spread of missiles and missile technologies.

“the claim that missile launches conducted on a regular basis by the army, allegedly increased tension in the region and impede progress on the negotiations completely untrue”, – said the representative of the foreign Ministry of the DPRK.

Rejecting the accusations that Pyongyang beforehand did not warn anyone about the missile launch, he said: “It would be foolish to warn in advance those who are already a month tells me that will intercept the missiles if they are launched”.

In may this year, the US informed its allies in Asia that the satellite tracking on the territory of the DPRK in the area of the polygon Musudan fixed launcher a multistage rocket with the brought up to her fuel tanks.

North Korea has repeatedly appealed not to carry out tests, but they remained unanswered.

According to the representative of the foreign Ministry of North Korea, the current missile tests do not affect the six-party talks, initiated in 2003 in Beijing to end North Korea’s nuclear program. They are attended by diplomats of Russia, DPRK, Republic of Korea, USA, China and Japan. For six months negotiations “sixes” frozen because of a confrontation between Washington and Pyongyang.

However, in the statement of a DPRK foreign Ministry does not specifically specify what the missiles were fired the day before.

According to reports from Japan and South Korea, only this time in North Korea were fired seven rockets, including allegedly a ballistic missile, to be called “the Taepodong-2”.

The first launch of such missiles in the Taepodong district in the DPRK was produced in 1998. Then Pyongyang announced the successful launch of an artificial satellite of the Earth, which, however, no one spotted, and in the West it was stated about the test in North Korea missiles, “the Taepodong-1”.

The military nature of the current missile launch, as the statement of a DPRK foreign Ministry, in Pyongyang, in General, do not hide.

South Korea’s recent missile tests in the North was considered unsuccessful.

“Intelligence agencies believe that the launch of the (Intercontinental ballistic missile) failed”, – said the TV South Korean radio station KBS-1 Secretary to the President of the Republic of Korea on issues of national unification and security With Joo Seok. According to him, the flight was too short.

According to South Korean military flight of the rocket lasted only 42 seconds, after which she collapsed in the sea of Japan.

About the missile tests in the DPRK, the Russian foreign Ministry yesterday issued a statement saying: “thus was compromised the freedom of international navigation in the waters of the Pacific ocean, violated generally accepted international practice in relation to the warning starts. In addition, according to the information received, which are now validated again, the wreckage of the missile launched by the DPRK, fell in the vicinity of the Russian coast”.

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