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Culinary traditions of Korea. Kimchi, rice, pepper

Culinary traditions of Korea. Kimchi, rice, pepper

What organ of the human body the most important? The word “animal” comes from the word “belly”. So, the main body of the animal? Correctly, the stomach. But man is also an animal. The ultimate, intelligent, but an animal. So, it’s our main organ – the stomach.

In the East the attitude to the stomach fullness and healthy especially reverent. When they want to emphasize the wisdom of man, and say, is a person of the stomach. The belly is the receptacle of wisdom. So say the Eastern sages of various Nations. The Koreans are no exception.

Main product is Korean cabbage. It not only eat, but even adorn her streets. At the table cabbage Korean for the same thing for Russian – bread. By the way, at local restaurants the bread is usually not served, but without cabbage does not do any one meal. Popular cabbage dish called “kimchi”.

For someone not accustomed to spicy food, eating kimchi, heavily spiced with red pepper, can become a real torture. Koreans eat the same fiery cabbage all year round, mornings, evenings and during the day at lunchtime. But health is not complaining.

On the contrary, Koreans long live, rarely get sick. And although eat a lot, obesity is not suffer. Doctors say the key to good health – kimchi. They have proven that low calorie spicy vegetable dish promotes the resorption of fat and to cleanse the blood vessels, has beneficial effects on the intestines and even prevents aging.

Cabbage – the main raw material for kimchi. But the dish is not only cabbage. The course is all: radish and radish, gourd and cucumber, green onion and eggplant, wild mustard and bamboo shoots.

Russia is well known for spicy Korean carrots. Kimchi too? No, not true. Koreans don’t eat a carrot in this form. But what sold us is that of the product,, specially Koreans invented by Russian for the Russian market.

In Korea kimchi recipes do not count. At first everything was just pragmatic. Invented people pickle vegetables for the winter, and appeared in the seventh century kimchi, pickled veggie platter. The present name is derived from “Simca” and pickled vegetables. About pepper no one at the time thought. Spices and additives have appeared only in the twelfth century. And after six hundred years, hot red pepper was the main spice, without which today is kimchi is not kimchi.

But not a single fed kimchi Korean. In order to even get to list all the dishes on the dining table, you will need at least twenty minutes. The Korean table is usually just bursts with bowls, plates and saucers, each containing a separate dish.

The main appliance in any Korean apartment – fridge. Typically, this is a huge monster, in which the hostess holds huge quantities of a wide variety of products. Because in order to prepare lunch or dinner need a dozen ingredients. Know what exactly you wish to taste the husband. Everything should be at hand.

But the man in the Korean family is not a despot. He also has culinary duties. Cooking meat is a man’s business.

In any Korean dish added by our standards a lot of red pepper. Not only because I love spicy food, but also because the red color is very popular. It is believed that the pepper makes dishes not only tastier but also more attractive.

After a second the red pepper spice in Korea is garlic. His scent leads Koreans into raptures. According to them, the garlic kills the bad smell of meat and protects the body from many diseases.

For the taste buds of garlic and pepper – strong stimuli. Protection is always at hand, it Fig. Cup with unsalted rice – an essential attribute of any meal and versatile Converter all spicy dishes. And for dessert, to finally extinguish a pepper fire, Korean sweet rice drink compote.