AMAZING JAPAN: gifts for Japanese New Year
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A child's birthday in Japan - the child Wants a holiday extravaganza. If you have ideas, just great!
Forumchanin Kids from other countries may well envy the children from Japan as that's where the largest number of holidays for children. Besides birthday in Japan mark special holidays for…

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The Amazing customs in different countries

Awesome customs in different countries

In Norway it is not customary to give place to older people in transport. It is believed that you emphasize their physical superiority.

In the USA it is not customary to pay the restaurant for the woman. It is believed that these men emphasize their financial superiority.

In China it is customary to slurp away, but otherwise the hosts may find their food unpalatable. Silently there in China is to insult the owners and cooks. Sauces and spattered the tablecloth after a meal is proof that you ate with gusto and it was delicious.

In China it is not customary to bring flowers to the hostess. It is believed that this stress guests, this house is so ugly that they bring decorations with them.

In Finland it is not customary to make public compliments. It is believed that public compliments are not considered.

In Norway it is not customary to do a lot of compliments in the face, to praise (except your family) is considered a flattery, a man loses a lot in society. In school it is not customary to praise a pupil in the presence of all the others, to declare the assessment is to put it above all the others. Not supposed to ask, what sick, is it a good feeling when you come to work when sick. In Russia it is considered to show compassion and attention. Here is indecent, it is too intimate things.

In Greece it is not recommended to praise visiting a certain vase or a picture, otherwise the owner will have to give it to you.

The sign “thumb up” in some countries means “That’s how I got you well heated”.

In the USA in addition to the payment of the invoice is not accepted still a lot of things: to open the woman door, to help something to convey – it is considered that as man shows his superiority; and to make compliments about appearance, etc. – this can be interpreted as sexual harassment. Some considered that it is impossible to wash dishes in someone’s house – happiness wash away. Nice party together, help the owners to clean – vacuum in, please, and the dishes in any case.

If there is away in South Korea while trying to hold back tears and running snot (the food is very, very sharp) – you can pass the extremely rude man who despises hospitality. the best compliment to the chef (the owner) is crying and snot.

It is not customary to keep burps in Mongolia and Buryatia – like, without burping the guest is hungry, need to feed.

In Japan and Norway is not customary to give odd number of flowers. It is believed that the unpaired lonely flower. Odd numbers are on the grave, the funeral.

In Japan to blow your nose at people is taboo.

In India, in the family circle don’t say “thank you”. It is believed that family members should not thank each other.

In Central Asia the guest in a bowl pour the tea little by little. It is believed that if poured full, we drink up and go. And pouring 1/3, can be a long talk. This is called “sincerely” and “without respect”. In the first case, the owner vigilantly guest and constantly pours him a fresh tea.

In China believe that to give fresh flowers is impossible. It is a symbol of death – “they will die soon”. But artificial – a sweet soul. “They are eternal”.

In China to give something to do with the number 4 was just a bad thing to do. 4 – the symbol of death, where even the floors are 1-2-3-5-6-7-9.

To sit foot to foot, pointing the foot to the interlocutor in many South-Eastern countries – a terrible insult to the interlocutor. A Pat on the head.

The Arabs not decided to pass the mouthpiece of the hookah from hand to hand. Put on the table. We have the opposite.

In Japan it is not customary to leave work before the boss.

In Russia it is not accepted to praise children. Afraid of the evil eye. Historically, even the name was given to such name not defined human – type now. In Russia is not made in response to the question “How are you” to answer “Everything is great”. For the same reason.

In Georgia it is customary that a glass of the guest was always full, even if you drink no longer want. So if polite guest every time drinks a treat to the bottom, and the owner will be forced to continue to pour him wine.

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