Goji South Korea It is Goji berries in Buddhist temples since ancient times called "the first remedy for 1000 diseases". Asian countries, China, Korea, Japan more than 2,500 years have…

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Environmental truth - In South Korea passes world Congress on nature protection
Navigation News NPP new generation will be built in China Treatment of "Eco-Truth" to visitors The court of Novorossiysk harsh, but fair llegal peat extraction stopped in the Taldom district…

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Topic – North Korea – World of Beer, beer

Trip to the Democratic people’s Republic proved to be fruitful. Familiarity with the products of local Breweries started right in pgegnancy hotel where I was staying. They sell beer from twice Taedonggang Beer Factory. This is the best brewery in North Korea that is not even discussed. Dear Leader Kim Jong Il in late 2000 bought the English 175-year-old Ushers brewery in Trowbridge Breweries for £ 1.5 million. The British themselves it was dismantled, and assembled in the suburbs of Pyongyang. Some of the staff was aimed to study the management and technology of brewing, “Baltika” that Kim Jong Il visited in 2001. After that, the media have long trumpeted that “Baltika” will be brewed in North Korea, but Koreans, loyal to the idea of self-reliance, quietly brewed Taedonggang Beer yourself your not going to change the name. Comes several varieties: Lager -11% and 12%, Black 13% and 15%. If the plant has its own restaurant with the freshest draught beer. Nothing tastes better never drank. In an interview with the Director of the Taedonggang restaurant, lamented the absence of bir-dekela. As it turned out, she did not even know about such things. I was advised to make beer Tekeli and even left one for example. This idea she extremely liked it, and she really tuned in. So, citizens of odberateli all rubbish, proudly calling themselves “collectors of beer attributes,” if Pyongyang will soon be coasters Taedonggang – know who owed.

Another Pyongyang brewery, whose beer is sold in various places where there are foreigners, “Ponghak”, which means the Phoenix. The beer itself is below average, however, and the place where it happens, not luxury class, but also, the average scall.

In addition to these the capital has several brewing industries. Combine the “Sonak” is not just a brewery, namely a food factory. Doing a lot of things, from confectionery and finishing the beer. Most interestingly, even among the Koreans themselves their beer (called “Celen”) is considered very rare. Indeed, only one label I, after a long search, found somewhere in a local store, the rest in the receiving item of glassware.

Brewery Rakwon – in Korean means Swallow. To try his beer failed, and I never did find out where it is sold. Rakbaek microbrewery is a short name from full Rakwon Paekhwa With. The Korean language has no clear sound of P or B, English letters so they set arbitrarily. In may 2006 secuniversity for foreigners in the district of Chung made a 3-storey annexe, where on the third floor and is the brewery itself, along with a tiny drinking establishments. Some fresh unfiltered beer, which is much inferior to bottled. Menu in 6 varieties, but when I was there, it was possible to order 2 only. The beer they sell only for hard currency. Currency is accepted not only among foreigners, the locals also allowed. Among the products: beer, Makkoli is a traditional Korean home strong beer, also has rice and corn beer. Bottle-sold only in this store, as the volume of boiling miserable.

Pyongyang Brewery. His beer is very poor quality, sold only in stores and locations where foreigners are simply not allowed, apparently, that would not be dishonored.

The Ryongsong Brewery. This beer also occasionally be found on sale in places not for higher class of tourists, and in local stores. Also provided on the plane on the flight to Pyongyang Air Koryo airlines – I did not like. Ryongsong -the ancient name of Pyongyang.

To find beer from other towns in Pyongyang is not real, it not bring. But in the other cities of the Metropolitan production plants receive. When I arrived in Wonsan, found a beer and the Ryongsong Ponghak. In the Wonsan brewery too, but he, alas, has long been only brews beer, and the coasters there and not heard. The brewery labels there border with South Korea Kaesong city, but I did not go there. Found among the empty bottles had labels, which even my accompany are unable to identify. Came to the conclusion that beer could be brewed “anyway”.