Interesting facts about South Korea
Interesting facts about South Korea The most important and interesting facts about South Korea . South Korea is among the Developed countries; South Korea leader in medicine among Asian countries.…

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Wedding dresses, the tradition of Asia
early childhood education Wedding dresses, the tradition of Asia Since ancient times, choosing a wedding dress, people sought to protect their future family from evil spirits, misfortune and destruction. The…

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Mikhail Terentyev – Russia and England in Central Asia.


Two words to the reader.

Our recent successes in Central Asia gave rise in Western Europe a whole literature. In England, every surprise, every step of our forward, will certainly cause a storm. Newspapers and magazines, various colors, filled articles that discussed the medium-aziatskii question not only his past and present but in the future. This future is the British some menacing Ghost, a nightmare. They resort to all sorts of spells to get rid of him.

The wealth of Western European literature, on a matter so closely concerning Russia, makes it even more striking our poverty in this regard. The main space, immediately catches the eyes of every researcher is the lack of information about our diplomatic relations.

Nekotorye foreign government official periodically published collections of diplomatic documents, (blue, Krasnya, etc. books), these sometimes serve only until a source, as they are placed and Russian dispatches.

Working, from 1870, on the compilation “History of the Conquests of Russia in Central Asia” (prepared for printing), I have collected a lot of material and on the part of our diplomatic relations with the khanates, especially lately. The desire to fill the above gap, forced me to process the collected material.

Our last war with Khiva and the occupation of the mouths of the Amu Darya was called to the British ordinary mood. This time it is not confined to newspaper and magazine articles — have appeared and large-scale compositions. The number of them, especially, noticeable two major work, published in London this year: “Central Asia: from the Aryan to the Cossack” James Hutton and “England and Russia to the East” by major-General sir Henry Rawlinson. Both these works complement each other: Hutton developed, especially the history of Central Asian khanates, Rawlinson speaks mostly about politics.

My work was already submitted to the printers, when in St. Petersburg were obtained of the book of Hutton and Rawlinson. Of course, I immediately took advantage of the data which I have not yet been known and added to them their work.

Thus, the reader will find not only details about our last relations with the khanates and with England, but all that was said by foreigners about our movement in Central Asia and about our possible goals.

In our medium-aziatskoi policy there are no secrets. We can boldly declare in the hearing of every word ever, any of the khans. Who is a matter of purity, who does not resort to underhand intrigues, and with open brow enter the battle — there was no need to blush for their words and for their actions.Movement of Russia to the East. — The taking of Sarai, Kazan, and Astrakhan. — Stroganovy. — The Siberian Ermak conquers the Kingdom. — Historical necessity of the occupation of Central Asia. — The Bashkirs, the Kirghiz and Kalmyks. — The Orenburg and Siberian lines. — Species on the Syr-Darya. — Flying squads. — Constant strengthening. — Mouths of the Syr gene. Obruchev. — Contrast views of the Orenburg governors. Plan connection line of the Siberian and Orenburg. — The Capture Of AK-Mosque. — Nice deal captain Skupa 18 December 1853 — the Movement from Siberia — the Capture of Pishpek — the Case of Colonel Kolpakovsky in Uzun-Agach. — Auliya, Turkestan, Shymkent and Tashkent. — Departure of the Russian mission to Bukhara and the treachery of the Emir. — Movement Chernyaeva to Jizzakh. — The new Governor. — The capture of Khujand, Ura-Tyube and Dzhizak. — The formation of the Turkestan General-governorship. — The highest authority of the General Governor.

Movement of Russia to the East began at the time of the Tatar yoke.


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