Goji South Korea It is Goji berries in Buddhist temples since ancient times called "the first remedy for 1000 diseases". Asian countries, China, Korea, Japan more than 2,500 years have…

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The Feasts of the first month of spring - Different - About Japan - articles Directory - Anime look
The first month of spring in Japan can confidently be called the month of the girls. However, on 8 March - international women's day in Japan is not celebrated, rather,…

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Japan– climate, culture, tradition

Country Japan

Japan consists of four main Islands and many small ones with a total area of more than 377 thousand square kilometers, the country’s Capital Tokyo – very modern and lively city. Together with suburbs it forms a metropolis that is home to around one third of Japan’s population, so the population density of Tokyo and its suburbs is many times greater than the population density of the rest of the country. Most of Japan is covered by mountains, which is a magnificent spectacle, some of them are active volcanoes. Mount Fuji – the highest in Japan, it is known for its symmetrical silhouette.

The Climate Of Japan

When you go to a foreign country, you need to know its climate. The Japanese Islands lie in the North-Eastern part of the zone of monsoons. The climate is generally mild, although can change a lot depending on what part of the country you are. The summers are hot and humid, somewhere in mid-July, the rainy season begins, usually lasting for a month. Winter is also warm and Sunny, except only the North of the country. But the best is to visit Japan the seasons are, without a doubt, fall and spring.

If you manage to get to the festival of cherry blossom Hana-Matsuri in April, continuing, however, only a few days, you will have a great opportunity to better understand the Japanese, who believes that true beauty can be just as fleeting and ephemeral as the cherry blossoms. And autumn is the best time to visit the historic city of Kyoto, which houses more than a thousand Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines. Immersed in the greenery, in autumn becoming reddish-gold, they are indescribably beautiful sight.

The People Of Japan

Before you travel to Japan it would be good to experience the culture and customs of the population of this country. The population density of Japan is one of the highest in the world – 330 persons per square km, and given the fact that most of the country is mountainous, unfit for habitation. A huge influence on the culture of Japan has provided China, in particular the Japanese writing system is a modified and simplified Chinese writing system. Almost up to 19th century Japan was almost completely isolated from the outside world, which greatly affected the originality and uniqueness of Japanese culture. Even now, Japan remains fairly closed country. To foreigners, the Japanese are friendly, but somewhat condescending.

The Religion Of Japan

As no other country in the world, Japan is very loyal to all religions. One of the most widespread religions, brought, like so much else, from China, is Buddhism. Buddhism – this is not just a religion, it is art, philosophy and social organization. Most Japanese consider themselves members of one of the many Buddhist schools.

Native Japanese religion is Shintoism, based on myths, legends and nature worship. Shinto believes that all that is in the earth, in the sky and in the water, and all natural phenomena have a divine spirit. These spirits and deities are many, and each of them his name. In Japan, for example, to go through the forest and to see the stone, surrounded by a special string that indicates that this stone is sacred.

But, as already mentioned, the Japanese do not wish to limit myself to one religion. Most of them observe both Buddhist and Shinto rituals, for example, funerals are usually held in Buddhist traditions, and wedding – in Shinto.

In addition, in Japan you can meet those who practice Confucianism, Christianity or Islam.

Japan – beautiful and exotic country, and if you decided to opt for a trip to Japan, it’s safe to say that this is a journey you will never forget.