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Wedding traditions and customs in the world

Today, the couple try to make the wedding interesting and rich holiday, is able to give joy to themselves and their guests. And here is the handy fall wedding traditions, and how native people and foreign. Loaf, bride, exchange of rings are, probably, at all the weddings. And than still to surprise guests and to please the young?

Wedding traditions around the world are designed to protect newlyweds from evil spirits and give happiness and prosperity for years to come, not forgetting about procreation. It is with these aspirations associated with numerous rituals and beliefs of the different Nations of the world.

Probably the most well-known today, the tradition came to us from England …

Something old,

something new,

something borrowed,

something blue,

and a silver sixpence in her shoe.

Something old, new, blue, borrowed, and silver coin of six pence, laid under the heel in the Shoe. Here is what you should accompany the bride on the wedding day, considered by the British in the Victorian era. Why? It’s simple. The old symbolizes the link between generations, a new bright view of the future, blue is the color of purity, fidelity and love. And blue, most often, was the garter, which is also associated with one of the wedding ceremonies. As for something borrowed – this is about protection from the evil eye, and wishes for a happy and big family. So the tradition had to borrow the lower interior of attire the lady is happily married and gifted children

Interesting wedding tradition in Germany . On the occasion of the celebration everyone collect a newspaper, where photos, miscellaneous jokes, funny stories from the life of the newlyweds. Wedding newspaper can be placed on the wall in the hall, and can be printed, so that at the end of the evening the guests took with them a personal copy of a souvenir.

Today, many cook a modern version of a “wedding newspaper” — is a comic congratulation for the wedding. which may be broadcast on the big screen during the ceremony. And at the end of the evening guests will receive a CD of congratulations.

The Germans are practical people, and after the holiday hall decorations and other accessories, guests take away a keepsake. This is called “harvesting”. But before the wedding the young plant a rose Bush or tree as a sign of love and prosperity. Such traditions are also common in Indonesia and the Maldives.

In Sweden the “Shoe” tradition has been developed. The bride is put under the heels two coins: a Golden right Shoe gave her mother, but silver, left, the father. And that the couple had healthy offspring, but the birth was easy, the shoes must not have buckles.

The English had another interesting tradition, which we may adopt. At the beginning of the wedding party invited the men were served the drink in a large pan, the bottom of which lay the ring. Who will find the ring in the near future awaits a happy marriage.

In Italy, there is a sign prohibiting young to wear gold jewelry, except wedding rings, and in Bali, a kind of talisman against evil spirits are… a special way with crooked teeth.

In Korea, traditionally mandatory “guests” of the wedding are duck and Drake. They are faithful to each other forever, so let them serve as an example to the young, according to the Koreans.

In Russia, too, has its own tradition — wedding the bride. However, now it has transformed into something very strange. For example, this:

or this one:

No, all the same, in this:

How many countries, so many customs. And if to file the teeth to protect from the evil eye, we probably will not, it is possible to plant a tree or put in the Shoe a coin and you can try. Because wedding traditions are intended to bring happiness and joy for years to come.

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