The Most unusual sexual traditions of the peoples of the world
Many interesting and unknown are fraught with traditions of the peoples of our planet. And, it's mysterious and forbidden topic of sex couldn't stay away and naturally, is reflected in…

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Japanese style in the creation of the garden
Japanese gardens arose under the impression of Chinese gardens. The difference between Japanese and Chinese gardens, S. S. Ozhegov describes as "... In Japan, the garden is formed around a…

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Treatment in South Korea Hospital, Seoul National University

the Largest hospital in Seoul, operating since 1885, marked the beginning of professional treatment of the population. Hospital, initially as an exclusive, took on the role of the center for diagnosis and treatment of the population.

In 1978, operates the international medical center, established the Korea health at the state University in Seoul . He became popular among the many thousands of diagnosed patients and people from more than 60 countries.

For over a century, the hospital of the Moscow state University with honor continues to be a leader in modern medicine . successfully applying in their practice the latest developments of leading medical professionals, maintaining their popularity and expertise in the rational improvement of the branches of medicine to the DPRK.

This medical center today significantly increased its accommodation and the quality, and professionalism . He has over 3 thousand beds, its walls undergo a comprehensive examination and receive competent medical care to 10 thousand people on an outpatient basis and up to 2 thousand patients, located in BSGO on treatment.

Over the years, this medical center has grown considerably. Nowadays its population reaches 9 thousand specialists: up to 450 professors, less than half of doctors, more than a thousand scientific workers (novice and training) who perform work and conduct medical research in 35 branches and 28 health centers.

This institution is divided into 6 parts. The main Hospital is a common, collective purpose. Children’s hospital Pediatrics covers the problems of diseases of children.

Specialized Cancer Center deals with prevention, diagnosis, treatment of cancer. The treatment center in the city of Perama, BSGU, located in the town of Bundang, and the medical establishment in the city of Gangnam, provide full medical care, and cure of serious illness. This is a disease of the digestive tract, immune and allergosorbent, oncological, gynecological, hematological, genetic, orthopedic, urology, endocrinology, Nephrology, pulmonology, radiology and many other diseases. The centre operates in the Department of surgery, Transplantology, otorhinolaryngology, dermatology, neurology, neurosurgery, Pediatrics, etc.

The majority of surgical procedures in BSGO is based on the robot-assisted method “Da Vinci”. In an automated device, surgeons get the most accurate task execution operation, warning the slightest deviation in the course of the surgery and further rehabilitation.

Specialized treatment center for children at BSGU began work in 1985. Its functions are: prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases in children. Being a pioneer in this area in the country, the centre has secured the title of best hospitals for DPRK children. The staff of the centre doctors of world renown, high quality and ultranova ensuring the functioning of all the center allows the team of doctors professionally and reliably fulfil their tasks. The hospital consists of a large number of centers of specialization in children’s diseases.

Cancer center Seoul hospital specializes in outpatient diagnostics. The hospital has a first class reputation as a well-developed and highly organized medical institution, carrying out professional treatment to which begin on the first day after diagnosis.

Cancer hospital Seoul national University highlights outpatient treatment and short term hospitalization. Patients are provided with 15 cancer centers for the diagnosis and 9 departments involved in cancer treatment and research in this area.

It should be noted that diagnosis and treatment are conducted with the most affordable prices, so treatment in BSGO always nice and efficient, it is popular in many developed countries of the world.

Japanese style in the creation of the garden
Japanese gardens arose under the impression of Chinese gardens. The difference between Japanese and Chinese gardens, S. S. Ozhegov describes as "... In Japan, the garden is formed around a…


North Korea promised to continue tests
North Korea promised to continue their tests North Korea announced on Thursday about the "successful start" several missiles, including long range, as part of regular military exercises. Despite the concerns…

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