A child's birthday in Japan - the child Wants a holiday extravaganza. If you have ideas, just great!
Forumchanin Kids from other countries may well envy the children from Japan as that's where the largest number of holidays for children. Besides birthday in Japan mark special holidays for…

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Topic - North Korea - World of Beer, beer
Trip to the Democratic people's Republic proved to be fruitful. Familiarity with the products of local Breweries started right in pgegnancy hotel where I was staying. They sell beer from…

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Features of Egypt is the sight of a man, first appeared in Asia

We met a wonderful guy, Repair, guide tour groups in Egypt, exchanged contacts and ask around about the peculiarities of Egypt, about the country and customs.

First found out about the hijab. As it turned out, not all women wear closed clothes, all depends on the person, and it’s not so much the husband decides, as I thought before, but the woman. Depends on the specific family. We also asked how the local react to provocatively-dressed visitors – all different, as Egypt is inhabited by different people, and the attitude is different. In resort towns exactly all accustomed. Bedouins from the desert, of course, do not share this seksen revolution.

Of course we were interested to know about such a feature of Egypt as a harem. The Egyptian is allowed to have several wives, nationality is not important but rarely does that, because it’s expensive. As they say the Arabs, why do you have four problems, when it only takes one. Divorce is allowed, but not frequent, because the most important for life in Egypt is the respect of neighbors and friends, so just don’t change partners, reputation is more important.

Now about the other features of Egypt. The first thing that struck me was the sand around. Not just sand and sand and sand, sea sand. How can people live in such conditions, I have no idea.

Egypt. Solid Sands.

Egypt. Desert.

And I would put a monument to the founders of Sharm El Sheikh – from the desert to make an oasis. Where do they get their water? A local told us that water imported from Cairo. Don’t know whether this is so. In order to grow grass and palm trees they constantly need water, near some trees sticking out hoses from the ground.

Egypt. Sharm El-Sheikh. Watering.

The second feature of Egypt — the almost complete absence of price tags in stores, either the price depends on the dollar rate in Zimbabwe, or omitted from the mood of the seller that in General all equivalent. Bargain I don’t know how, so we purchase food at the supermarket, where the scanner and the price tags on parts of products. And on one of the gas stations had to send the seller far away, when I again called the price of Snickers at$ 10.

Also a feature of Egypt, read the local population, is obsession. At first we even went the other way, not through shop to go, away from the touts. And then he relaxed, started to engage in dialogue, and the benefit can be in Russian and English to communicate. And, imbued with the friendliness of the people, and I am sure, sincere friendliness. You are always smiling, and absolutely not mad after, if you don’t buy anything. Often teasing and joking. Funny guys. This is most likely noticeable because of the contrast with the boorish Russian saleswomen.

In Sharm El Sheikh I have not seen a single traffic light and a pedestrian crossing, and in Cairo a total of 9 traffic lights on the entire 20-million-metropolis. They probably don’t need, Allah helps.

At first startled by constantly inviting honks of taxi drivers. And they are buzzing even when the taxi with passengers, probably a reflex already. Although buzzing then hike all the drivers, greeting each other, saying goodbye, and just because of boredom.

A further feature of Egypt — slightly antiquated means of transportation, namely camels. All is good, but craps this tool often on the asphalt. And often you can plunge into this fresh.

Camels in Sharm El Sheikh.

Run this tool the Bedouins, they are easy to spot in traditional dress. The Arabs living in resort towns, dress as all people. Usually, Bedouins offer camel rides, most offer in tourist destinations such as the ancient pyramids . or the mountain of Moses . but my sensitivity to smell has not allowed me to even think about it. From the looks of this poor people, living mostly in the desert. But some of them are not poor, because ply the trade of drugs and weapons.

Gas station. Egypt.

And yet people here are all cheerful and smiling. Probably why meet gaily painted machines.

Garbage in Sharm El Sheikh. Egypt.

Cairo. Egypt. Slightly blurred the building.