The Amazing customs in different countries
Awesome customs in different countries In Norway it is not customary to give place to older people in transport. It is believed that you emphasize their physical superiority. In the…

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A child's birthday in Japan - the child Wants a holiday extravaganza. If you have ideas, just great!
Forumchanin Kids from other countries may well envy the children from Japan as that's where the largest number of holidays for children. Besides birthday in Japan mark special holidays for…

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Features of the people in South Korea

South Korea is the only state in the nation. 99, 9% of the population are Koreans, and only 0.1% are Chinese, Filipinos, Thais and Americans together.

The official language is Korean, but is widely distributed and use of English, but reviews say otherwise. According to them, servants to find hotels that are able to explain in English, not an easy task, which largely complicates communication. This shortcoming is easy to do goodwill total population of South Korea, rooted in the high piety of the people and in his knowledge of her unique national culture and history.

The ancestors of the Koreans

In particular, according to archaeological research, several millennia ago, the Korean Peninsula was inhabited by natives from the regions of present day Altai. They were protoattic, the descendants of whom, consider themselves Koreans present, but the predominant religion Confucianism has spread relatively recently, if she even can be considered a religion. For Koreans it is more a way of life and a code of social and ethical rules, as, for example, matching each person to the place occupied in society, the subordinate depends on superior, the son is from the father.

Holidays in South Korea

In South Korea, love to celebrate. Among them, Buddha’s Birthday, celebrated in may, and scope reminiscent of the Christian Christmas and memorial Day in the Korean war from the early sixties of the last century, calling for a Moment of Silence siren. A characteristic feature is the celebration of the New year twice! Of the solar calendar on the night of December 31 to January 1 and the lunar, in February. The celebration of the new year celebrations are held exclusively in the family at the festive table with lots of dishes of national cuisine, as according to Korean beliefs, the festival along with the living, are the spirits of dead ancestors.

If you’re lucky enough to get invited to the real wedding celebration or a child’s birthday, celebrated according to the age of, compliment the lady of the house prepared treats. Your praise will be appreciated!

The life of Koreans

Koreans unpretentious in the arrangement of dwellings, the exceptions are hotels for foreigners. Rooms in their houses are multifunctional and can serve alternately, bedroom, dining room. To eat, they prefer sitting on the floor, so from the purpose of the room in a specific period of time, or bring a dining table or a mattress. By the way, the floor in the house of stone or concrete. Heating is performed by applying heated air or hot water into the underground space. This method of heating called ondol, in Korean means “a hot stone”.

Alcohol and Koreans

Unfortunate, but the versatility of bedrooms, practical in light of the growing spread of alcoholism in South Korea. Almost all able-bodied Koreans, once a month, and many and more often, going on a corporate feast, accompanied by drinking alcoholic beverages. Such feasts are called haesik (hoesik), they also have their own traditions. The toasts follow one another, they are impossible to miss, no one can rely on a sober orientation. Respectful attitude of the younger generation to the elder, which, also typical of Koreans here appear in full. If the Junior pours the senior, the Junior should hold the glass with two hands, but if Junior pours the senior, then two hands he holds a bottle. The same respectful language is used in daily greetings. If handshakes are exchanged, and Junior senior, Junior senior shakes hands with both hands.

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