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The first month of spring in Japan can confidently be called the month of the girls. However, on 8 March - international women's day in Japan is not celebrated, rather,…

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What is important to know about South Korea? Tourist information
Cambodia  from Novosibirsk 02.11.2015 10 nights 10 places 90 of 100 rubles. for two Nha Trang  from Novosibirsk 11.11.2015 7 nights 10 seats 55 000 rubles. for two Pattaya  from…

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These strange Japanese

Today I have prepared for you a simple test. Please read the short manga (vansat), attached to this post (16 pages, to read each right to left).

If you do not understand, but laughed, stand to the left. If you do not understand and do not laugh, stand to the right and wait for the guard.

Actually this is a short story called “Idiot” there is nothing like the huge gap that exists between the cultures of different countries. You read like crazy, but for the Japanese, this, like the fable of Krylov eat. The fact that this bansot not raving mad artist, it is just a traditional manzai — Comedy genre in Japan, which actively exists in the country for nearly a thousand years.

Gundam — absolutely unique Japanese feature and implies the performance of two people on the stage — tsukkomi (pragmatist) and the Boke (senile), joking at high speed. While the Boke says or does on stage, something stupid, tsukkomi trying to play a trick on him The majority of the presentation revolves around mutual misunderstandings, irony, pun and other verbal jokes.

Now Gundam is extremely intensive on Japanese television, although it has its roots in traditional Japanese theater, then moved to clubs and bars. For example, the famous Takeshi Kitano most of his life was, first of all, manzai artist on Japanese television, and then a famous Director.

Hard to believe that this dark type fifteen years amused the Japanese, in clubs and on TV, about the same as posted here and in anchote «Idiot”.

Manzai is pretty bad exported to the West and there are several reasons.

First, a real Gundam — it is 100% improvisation, i.e. in principle a one-time thing and complex. Only a few can improvise every time so that it was really funny.

Here, for example, instruct the performers to change places. The Boke becomes tsukkomi and Vice versa. The complexity of the task that the Duo of artists for many years plays his role and change of character is unusual for them.

Secondly, most of the jokes in a manzai looped in the Japanese world order and life, which are quite specific and obscure to the average Westerner. Plus a special flavor adds that unlike the West, where the Christian religion for centuries vetoed silence on anything related to genitals and sex have prevailed in Japan religion Shinto, which did not taburova sexual component. So in Gundam a lot of jokes about sexual organs, which can easily be struck Western listener by vulgarity and vulgarity. The Japanese will take this joke as something in the order of things.

Here is an example of traditional TV-manzai. Not very funny, you say? And for the Japanese speakers are lit better than ours Petrosian.

In anime and manga, this Comedy has taken root and firmly taken root. And if you live manzai is really not very attractive to Western man, in these formats, he was welcomed with a Bang. The avarice of the facial muscles Japanese actors replaced bright and colorful, often extensively deformed images, because the imaging range of emotions is limited only by the imagination and skill of the artist. Western watches, in principle, very easy to adapt to all the oddities and peculiarities of the Japanese culture, and against this background, the special problems with the perception of manzai, of course, was not.

And if you next time, reading some manga, meet a strange dialogue between two characters, which is neither to the village nor to the city, don’t blame the translator, thinking that he bad translated the page, it’s just the authors pay tribute to the Gundam — an ancient, useableness and ridiculous.