Why in Japan only eat with chopsticks
Why in Japan only eat with chopsticks AND The first sticks were invented about 3,000 years ago, they were invented by the Chinese. They were more like tongs, they are…

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Environmental truth - In South Korea passes world Congress on nature protection
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Incurable workaholics, or less Where the rest of all

According to the company Expedia, who interviewed more than 7000 people, more than all the rest Europeans. And it’s not just that they have almost a month to relax. They just use the whole vacation, and Asians themselves shorten it.

Lack of money is the basic cause of shirking a legitimate vacation.

For a long period of paid leave is costly to the state, but not always economic indicators suffer from the fact that workers have a rest for 30 days. For example, Luxembourg 27% surpassed the US in productivity, although its inhabitants rested 32 days, and Americans 14. Often in countries where little vacation, a lot of national holidays — mandatory weekend for all. In the UK the leave lasts 28 days, but only 8 holidays, and in South Korea, 19 rest days and holidays as much as 15.

By the way, in some countries, holidays are not carried over to Monday if falls on a weekend, for example in Switzerland and Norway. And in General we should be glad that our vacation is not very dependent on years of service.But in Asia and Canada young professional on a tiny vacation.

So, Intourism presents to your attention the country with the most fleeting vacation.

Japan. The Japanese are the biggest workaholics. They officially have a rest 10 to 20 days depending on length of service but use less than half of the holiday – about 5 days. Every fifth Japanese checks for new mail and on vacation. The vast majority of Japanese say that, probably, will never be able to fully relax and forget about work on holiday.

South Korea. 14 days give to restore the Koreans. If you work for more than 2O years, you can drip as much as 25 days holiday. But in South Korea very large concentration of working drummers, so they rest half of the vacation. 66% of Koreans in General can easily cancel a scheduled vacation due to work.

China . The Chinese get only 5 days of paid leave. After the 10th year of operation, they face 10 days and 15 days after 20 years of labor. I am glad that they have 11 holidays, some of which last for more than one day. For example, Chinese New year is for Chinese people Holy. It is celebrated week 3 days give officially, and two more worked on Saturdays before and after the festival.

USA. Americans resting 12 days of required 14. Although, Federal law generally does not regulate this question,each employer decides how much to relax his subordinates. 20 days is considered luxury. Americans are very concerned about the fact that “the 39 developed countries of rest more than the U.S.” and this topic is discussed endlessly in the American media.

Canada . In this Paradise for expats working on the conscience. 2 weeks off is almost the norm. More able to bargain only very needed specialists or having sufficient work experience. The holidays have a little bit, 6-9, depending on the province. The emigrants say that they have enough small vacation, because life in Canada is not annoying.

Singapore . In the first year there is no sense to wait more than 7 days of vacation. Then add on a vacation day every year, until 14 days. 67% of Singaporeans do not have spent every day of vacation, because at work they are waiting for the thousand and one deadline. Many are glad that managed to travel somewhere even just for the weekend.

Mexico. 7 days rest here officially. Mexicans-workaholic, in General, live well: they day the new President is officially closed. This event occurs every 6 years on December 1. In 2012, too. Perhaps this is officially the last day of elections for Mexicans.

India. For every 20 worked days on the Indian 1 day of vacation. Here and read. In all of this, in India to the release are like a bad habit. More than half of Indians in retirement secretly check email — there was a letter from the customer. Work is life for the Indians, and they put it above all else. 20% say that they are afraid that important decisions will work on without them.