Mikhail Terentyev - Russia and England in Central Asia.
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Speech At the Symposium the Future of Asia

Deputy Premier of the state Council of China on may 23 And held in Tokyo the Symposium “Future Asia” gave a speech on “the Rise of Asia and the total debt of China and Japan”.

And noted that peace and development of Asia stand as the face of historic opportunities and the threat of various challenges. To keep up with the trends of time and effort to create a peaceful, stable, developed, prosperous and harmonious Asia — historical debt that must work together to fulfill Asian countries. In order to implement these goals it is necessary to learn the successful experience of other world regions in development of multilateral cooperation and facilitate regional integration and to take full account of the peculiarities of Asia and look for the integration path corresponding to the realities of Asia and with Asian specifics, the principles and objectives guiding the integration process.

In this regard, And suggested: first, to approve the Asian consciousness and strengthen solidarity and cooperation; second, strengthen political mutual trust and taking account of mutual concern; thirdly, to update the concept of security and to ensure peace and stability; fourth, to promote comprehensive cooperation with trade and economic cooperation; fifth, to respect the diversity of civilization and call for openness and inclusiveness.

And believes that on the basis of these objectives and principles now and in the future, Asian countries should adequately do the work in the following three directions: first, comprehensive expansion and deepening of cooperation between ASEAN on the one hand, and China, Japan and the Republic of Korea, on the other, that is, in the format of 10+3; second, a further intensification of interaction between China, Japan and the Republic of Kazakhstan; third, active promotion of TRANS-Asian cooperation in the pursuit of development and prosperity of Asia as a whole.

And stressed that cooperation in various forms in the region, including cooperation within the framework of 10+3, is not exclusive. We always insist on the fact that cooperation in the region should maintain the openness, transparency and mutuality, as well as indulgence. The main objective of bilateral cooperation is to obtain mutual benefits and achieve common development.

She indicated that Asia is a common geographical basis for the aspirations of China and Japan for further development and lasting prosperity. Cooperation between countries — the necessary conditions for peace, stability and development of Asia. Peaceful coexistence, friendship from generation to generation, mutually beneficial cooperation and common development of China and Japan meet to further the fundamental interests of both sides and common aspirations of all countries in Asia. China and Japan must actively and proactively adapted itself to the development and changes of time and to make joint efforts to promote regional cooperation with Asia more actively resisted the competition and challenges of economic globalization, thus it will be possible to achieve General development in the historical process of the prosperity of Asia. This is a call of time, the inevitability of history, inescapable responsibility of both countries and a serious test of courage and wisdom of the governments and peoples of countries.

And stressed that good and stable Sino-Japanese relations are an important condition for the promotion of cooperation in Asia, China and Japan should deepen mutual trust and strengthen cooperation in the spirit of “learn a lesson from history and focus on the future”. We are ready to work together with Japan’s efforts to take effective measures to resolve differences and overcome difficulties, so that bilateral relations entered a track of healthy and stable development.

And I also noted that the implementation of lasting peace, stability and development in Asia is the common aspiration and endeavour of all Asian countries and peoples. The governments and peoples of all Asian countries should make continuous efforts to this goal.

After the speech And answered questions from the audience about Chinese-Japanese relations, the Chinese currency, the economic situation in China and energy China’s policies.

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