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The Japanese traditions, manners and behavior of Japanese people

We continue our amazing journey through Japan, in this article we will share about the amazing Japanese people their culture, traditions and customs of the Japanese have developed over centuries. So if you haven’t read the previous article about Japan. about how Sakura is blooming and what is Japan in the period of cherry blossom, I advise you not to miss this chance, the article was very interesting, this will be this article.

Very interesting to observe the traditions, customs, and behavior of peoples of the world in a particular country, in this case, such country was Japan. The Japanese are very different people, they work a lot unlike the Russians, the Japanese are every morning monotonous faceless mass of people walking in the subway, and in the evening after work back from the subway.

In Japanese, every working day, usually same costumes blue or dark blue shirt, tie, badges on the chest. About shoes they think nothing, because in many institutions in Japan all Japanese of course, so it is customary to take off your shoes and walk barefoot.

When the long-awaited weekend, all the Japanese as if reincarnated in a free style, wear colored shirts, ripped jeans.

The Japanese are like a coin with two sides. At work can suffer and work through “do not want”, the house can be tyrants. They are always very respectful, bowing and smiling, and smiling is the answer to half the questions. But behind the mask of benevolence to hide completely opposite thoughts and feelings of the Japanese.

The Japanese wear this mask everywhere: at work, on the street, in the subway. Only the Japanese can at home to show themselves for what they really are.

In other travels – Japan, we were pleasantly surprised by the respectful attitude of municipal services to the Japanese population. Afternoon in the streets never conducted any repair work. When night falls, come huge Japanese trucks and full-size start.

When you get up early in the morning, no, not just construction equipment, but with mud and debris from construction work, it just shocked us!

If total car traffic car rides with the police, the Japanese always apologize to users for the inconvenience in their work. We were just in shock, remembering the situation on the Russian roads.

One should note, perhaps most importantly in our opinion the property of Japanese people, almost all Japanese cars have, but in the center of the city no matter what they drive matters, the Japanese prefer to travel by metro. As for cars, you’ve probably seen in movies or the news, in Japan, everywhere there are multi-level automatic Parking.

We are also just delighted attitude of Japanese people in wheelchairs. For example, a person in a wheelchair arrives at a certain place on the transport stop. Bus stopping, a little falls to the place of the bus station so it was convenient to go. Now, the bus leaves the driver would drop off the disabled person in a wheelchair, apologizes, finds a place, which is necessary to move the disabled person, gets behind the wheel and goes further along the route.

On the right stop it also helps to get, it should be noted that all drivers in Japan in white gloves. And even if the bus is filled to capacity with people, if there is a special place for wheelchairs, all the Japanese moved away, and give place to a disabled.

Japan in this sense, just struck us such customs, traditions, culture of the Japanese far from their roots in the depth of life, so one day the right man will not. Now, we are moving the rest of Japan and talk about everything awesome in the world of travel in Japan on your .

Still in summary of this short article is about the Japanese, this nation honored respect for their traditions, customs, culture and way of life to other life. The Japanese really love and respect your country, it is not visible to the naked eye, enough to spend one day on the streets of Japan and you see it for yourself.

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