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How to trade in the Eastern market. Features of holiday in Asia

How to bargain at the Eastern market. Features recreation and shopping in Asia

Among domestic tourists who prefer to visit countries in Asia, especially popular is the Oriental Bazaar. For some, the Bazaar is an opportunity to buy affordable presents and gifts to friends and relatives, for others it’s a source of unique experiences. What to bargain with the local sellers makes almost no sense, you know only when they get to this anthill, teeming with merchants. They are true masters, they understand at a glance, how much the potential buyer has money ready to spend, will buy or will not buy the buyer not the highest quality product, will purchase more expensive the sample, etc.

Under Bazaar you should understand private retail outlets and large markets of the Middle East, northeast, Southeast and South Asia.

Shopping is particularly developed in countries of the East like the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Thailand, China, Indonesia. Tourists who are planning a trip to Asia. always strive to bring back Souvenirs or those products that are considered exotic in our latitudes. After all, every Eastern country is something you can surprise your friends on arrival home! But here’s how to buy as many gifts, do not fall for the bait of crafty vendors, and not overpaying through the nose? And so, having bought a cheap ticket to Asia, not to spend all their savings (sometimes equal to the price of the budget of the voucher) at the Bazaar.

The rules of shopping in Asia:

First, local traders do not need to know where your money. Therefore, it is best to lay them out in several places, e.g. in your purse for current expenses and privy purse of which no one knows. The price tags on the Eastern markets – the phenomenon very rare. This surprises many buyers. Actually, in order to know the value of the goods, you can point a finger at him. The seller will understand immediately, but instant response is not give. He would increase the cost by 3-5 times, and gives you a price that is much higher “rates for the”.

To Express the price can be different. Almost all know English, so 60 is sixty. If there is no effect, you should mention the price in figures, for example 147 – one four seven. Desired numbers can be shown with the fingers. You can type the price on a calculator or mobile phone. Some sellers speak Russian. This, of course, the most successful option.

Any seller agrees that it will bargain. Still, the one who is trading more efficient, has more honor and respect. You can search any tricks to bring down the price, but you can just use the motivation of the seller. He doesn’t want you bought the same product from a neighbor-rival.

A proven and effective method – to leave the trade and go. If a merchant is willing to reduce the price, then he will definitely call and ask to come back. If in response to the care not hear anything, then it looks like the price is really real and appropriate quality. You can think back for the purchase.

Thus, to the Oriental Bazaar was nice experience, need not show all of their money, with respect to sellers, not to enable the seller to impose their will and just listen to your inner voice and common sense.