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Holidays in Japan

Holidays in Japan

In Japan, at the state level there are 15 holidays of the year. Every holiday is an official day off. If the holiday falls on a weekend then it is transferred on a working day. But if it turns out that working day is sandwiched between two holiday weekends, it becomes the third official holiday.

But holidays in Japan are not limited to 15 days off per year. The residents of this country celebrate many informal, traditional or borrowed holidays. Traditional celebrations in Japan take the start in the beginning of the year, January 1st. This day is a public holiday and in General celebrate the New year like in Europe. There was a time when New year in Japan is celebrated according to the Gregorian and the lunar calendar.

Holidays January is in full swing on the second Monday of the month: coming of age Day. This holiday is celebrated by every citizen of Japan, which last year turned 20 years old (the Japanese legal age).

National holidays of Japan include new year according to the lunar calendar – right on 4 February. It is considered on 4 February the beginning of spring. Foundation day of Japan – official holiday, celebrated on February 11. Unofficial holiday Valentine’s Day is also widely celebrated in Japan. And, traditionally, the women congratulate the men chocolate.

The festival of dolls or holiday of peach blossom is celebrated in this country on 3 March. Special fun for little girls: this day they organize exhibitions of dolls, dress up in kimono and just go to visit. White day is the unofficial holiday, which is considered to be a response to the Valentine’s Day. It is celebrated on may 14 and men give women white chocolate.

March 21st celebrates the Spring equinox. This is the official holiday, it is believed that spring has fully come into its own. Begins blooming Sakura. By the way, the festival of cherry blossom in Japan is not a national or official. Not on the calendar to find the exact day of the celebration of this event. But for many Japanese, the cherry blossom is a psychological holiday.

In April celebrates the Day of Buddha’s birth, a festival of colors. April 29, celebrates the state holiday Day of Sowing. Named in honor of the Emperor, who loves nature. This day is considered the festival of nature. From April 29 to may 5 in Japan is undergoing its own week of may. It is called “Golden”: begins the Day of Showa, also includes Constitution Day (may 3) and children’s day (may 5), holiday green (may 4). July 7, the Japanese celebrate the national holiday – the Festival of stars. The sea festival is celebrated every third Monday in July. Open the swim season. In September the Japanese honour elders and celebrate the Autumnal equinox. 23 December celebrate the birthday of the Emperor.

In Japan and celebrating other events. Especially impressive are the bright and colorful festivals that are held throughout the year. As you can see, no matter what month to choose to visit this country – you can surely go for interesting and original holiday .

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