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Sexual customs of different countries
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Tea traditions of different countries

Tea traditions of different countries

In Russia, where Tea was brought directly from China, tea tradition was enriched by the samovar, lemon, saucers and sugar together. While drinking Tea from the saucer was a direct result of the use of the samovar, in which water long does not cool down. Read more.

England, we owe the fact that in the traditions of European tea black Tea became more popular than the green. The British were the first to mix together different varieties of Tea. In addition, the British, to a large extent, shaped the modern tea etiquette and modern tea ware.

Not far from England – in Ireland – the tradition to sprinkle a dry tea brew whiskey – this is where the variety of the Irish Breakfast. A significant portion of currently known tea snacks also come from England, as tradition, to drink Tea with milk.

The tradition of brewing Tea with spices (cinnamon, cloves, etc.) with a high degree of probability appeared in India. There are several traditional Indian recipes, which include even pepper.

Although in some Central Asian countries people brew black Tea and dilute it with milk, Middle Asia, first of all, gave us the tradition of drinking Tea as a remedy for the heat. Certainly green and certainly from cups.

In Morocco this tradition got a bit – they drink Tea from tall glasses, brewing mixed with mint (but still green). In some other Asian countries (Iran, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan) Tea is drunk very sweet and often very strong.

In the USA began to cool the brewed Tea and mix it with additional flavors, ice and sometimes carbonated – so we get the same ice tea.

And, of course, in some regions, preserved the ways of Tea making, not based on the brewing tea leaves in pure water. During the Japanese tea ceremony powdered green Tea is whipped. In addition, one of the traditional varieties of Japanese green tea – Genmaicha and brewed with hot water, but it contains rice and some other products. And in Buryatia, Mongolia and Tibet continue to brew tea soups.