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Interesting facts about girls

Interesting facts about girls

Any more for whom not a secret that girls on our planet more than men. So men, don’t be offended, please write about girls, and then come together, and about you, too, will write =) so there you go…

Interesting a little bit to warm up

The Sumerians believed that the world was created by woman — the goddess Tiamat. I agree with the Sumerians =)

Will dispel the silly myth that a girl and associated programming — the first programmer is a woman – Ada Lovelace. However, a programming language named after her, sounds scary — the language of Hell.

According to statistics, married women more than married men

Girls Pacific the Tiwi tribe get married at birth.

In Hong Kong the wife who cheated husband might kill him, but the law allows it to do only the bare hands, without weapons. Mistress can kill anything.

It’s not quite on topic but really surprised: the female Armadillo can delay birth for two years!

Differences between girls from guys

1. If the guy and the girl to show his hands, the man will stretch his palms up and down the girl… Apparently, the habit persists from the times of the «show manicure» =)

2. Girls love it when hands are busy, but the guys psychologically comfortable hands free operation.

3. Even if the appointment is at 10 PM, we will be preparing for it all day since the morning. And still be late.

4. Girls never take off my shirt, grasping her on the back. I do not understand how you are doing and why

5. Something to throw, the girl removed his hands back, and the men sideways.

6. Yawning, women cover their mouth with their hand, not a fist.

7. When the girls shake hands, they just stretch it, not shaking.

8. Girls open beer bottles only bottle opener for bottles of beer. All there opening the bottle to the eye or on the corner — for men.

9. To look at your heel, girls turn back, and men just raise your foot

10. When we paint the eyes, we open mouth. Don’t know why, but with my mouth closed eyes don’t exactly make up =)

11. Dressing girls most often wear a jacket, and then pants. And the guys will first put on some pants.

12. Girls, unlike guys, can do a lot of things at once. So if you want to say something to the man, first you need to make sure that his attention is focused only on us, otherwise after our long rants we will hear only «…?» And then the two of us are multitasking, we explain all over again and simultaneously think. why are you not listening to us, and some will even bear the revenge in parallel=)

More differences can be found in the article of Interesting facts about men .

The facts about girls in numbers

To € 132.2 cm — the longest legs . belong to the basketball player Svetlana Pankratova

10kg weighed the biggest Breasts. Was at the Chinese tin Japan when she was 12 years old. At 12 she had the surgery, giving the breast a normal size

585 words per minute says the most talkative woman — Fran Caro

69 children — the largest number of children . ever birth for your life one woman (seven times born of triplets and four times — severnyashki).

60 men at the same time was with Theresa Vouch.

Milliard Euro on such sum insured the body of J. Lo .

55cm — the growth of the smallest women in the world . Marge Bester

Well that’s all interesting facts about girls, perhaps. Finally, I wanted to share a very funny video about how sometimes it’s not easy to raise children=):

We girls are wonderful and amazing! Understand, huh? =)

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