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23 interesting facts about U.S. colleges

23 interesting facts about American colleges

17 March 2012. Section Training

As a rule, are paid worse than teachers-Humanities (music, foreign languages, fine arts, drama, etc.) Teachers for Economics, physics, mathematics and similar subjects receive a much higher wage.

Harvard stadium was the first reinforced concrete structure in the world.

The term “College” comes from the Latin and means “community, society, Guild”. It was first used to describe an educational institution at the end of the fourteenth century.

“University” in Latin means “community of masters and scholars”.

Before the civil war, disbelief in the Bible was a crime at Yale University.

Harvard published early in the rules is written that the main purpose of this school was to know “God and Jesus Christ which is eternal life”, “Christ is the Foundation of all knowledge and learning”.

Yale University selects each year only 1300 first-year girls from almost 20,000 proposed.

If the student has high grades but low test metrics, and another has low grades but high test, then the first student has more chances of being accepted to a top College.

U.S. Commission on civil rights currently oversees the colleges, among boys and girls was the balance. If any floor is more than 60%, then stop taking this floor.

Difficult to get scholarships to Maryland, Massachusetts, new Jersey and the district of Columbia. It is easier to get a scholarship in Arkansas, West Virginia, Mississippi and Wyoming.

There are sixty women’s colleges in the United States. Most of them in Massachusetts.

The first three places by the number of male students is air force Academy (82% male), California Maritime Academy (82.5% of men) and at Berklee College of music (73% male).

The costs associated with higher education constitute 3% of the gross national product.

In the U.S. there are over 4000 accredited College and University in the United States, with an enrollment of more than 15 million students.

Yale was founded in 1701 and originally known as an Encyclopedic school in new haven. It was created by a group from Harvard issue.

Yale University has the second largest academic library in the country containing 9 500 000 volumes. Harvard has the country’s largest library with 13.6 million volumes.

Among American colleges with the lowest level of adoption are the Curtis Institute of music in Philadelphia (4.0 percent), Jarvis Christian College in Texas (4.5 percent), College in Holly springs (about 7.6%); Juilliard in new York (7.6 percent) and Harvard University in Cambridge (7.9 per cent).

In difficult times, a lot of colleges in the United States were forced to accept payments by commodities (cotton, sheep, pewter, food), not a currency. Most U.S. colleges were constantly on the verge of bankruptcy.

In 2008, the unemployment rate for high school graduates who failed to enter Universities, was 26.7% compared with 14.9% of graduates enrolled in College.

54% of students of day form of study at two – and four-year colleges last year were female.

Most in the United States among foreign students of students came from India, China and South Korea.

Persons with a bachelor’s degree earn on average 60% more than people with only a high school diploma.

Harvard receives the largest financial donations from various organizations in the world and their size is over 26 billion dollars.

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