Interesting facts about girls
Interesting facts about girls Any more for whom not a secret that girls on our planet more than men. So men, don't be offended, please write about girls, and then…

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23 interesting facts about U.S. colleges
23 interesting facts about American colleges 17 March 2012. Section Training As a rule, are paid worse than teachers-Humanities (music, foreign languages, fine arts, drama, etc.) Teachers for Economics, physics,…

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What is important to know about South Korea? Tourist information

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Despite the presence of filtration systems in hotels, as well as water treatment in large settlements, to use crude tap water for drinking does not need to boil. When you buy milk it should be boiled, because on sale it comes unpasteurized.

Health insurance is required before departure, services in this area of the country high quality hotels and hotel rooms which offer proven experts who recommend the tour if necessary.

Pharmacies in the country offer the products only in Korean, so you should take care of necessary traveling preparations in advance.

Due to the fact that many rural areas are habitats of insects that carry Japanese encephalitis and dengue fever, should be vaccinated from these diseases in the home country.

Crime in Korea is low, police posts can be found on the sign are yellow.

When traveling, it is important to pay attention to weather conditions, because from November to March the country cold, you need to bring warm clothes.

It is not recommended to consume raw fruits and vegetables, should be consumed only after heat treatment.

Power supply there are two types: 220 and 110 volts.

Credit cards of international standard accepted everywhere.

As a tip, it is possible to give is not accepted, because the expense is already included 10% of the value of goods and services.

In South Korea there are two types of buses . some of the usual – “Shine bare” and other luxury – “chusok BOS”, where there are only places for sitting. Bus numbers are written in Korean, and to pay the fare may use cash or card, which can be purchased in special kiosks, directly at bus stops.

Conversing with the locals, it is better to refrain from talking on the topic of divorce, because in the life of a Korean entry into the marriage bond is the most important event, while divorce is a terrible shame.

The South Koreans do not accept ardent displays of emotion, so when meeting with them should be limited to a handshake. Kisses and hugs between persons of different sex are considered obscene, therefore in public areas to foreigners, it is important to keep a low profile.

Traditions of the country suggest sleep, meal and rest only on the floor, in this connection, it is to take off their shoes when visiting houses, while being not with bare legs, where there are older.

If you need to call the interlocutor, to do it by hand with palm down. To call a man, beckoning him with a finger, categorically it is impossible, because such a gesture in the country to summon the dogs.