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Interesting and amazing facts about Thailand


Collected 30 amazing facts about Thailand, which personally I was very surprised. Indeed a mysterious country!

When Fyodor Tyutchev wrote:

Mind Russia not to understand

A common yardstick does not measure:

She has become a very special —

In Russia one can only believe.

not argue with that.

But how, then, can be described Thailand, after such an unusual ppctv. I’m surprised!

And today was surprised to the Internet, then why on Yandex flashed around the phrase news cities of Kyrgyzstan. I wonder what is the reason? Maybe they had something interesting, and I don’t know?

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1. The world’s only king who has a US citizenship — the King of Thailand.

2. Thailand — one of the largest exporters of rice

3. The Thais received the names after 1913, earlier there were only names.

4. The king in Talada, though, and is the patron of all religions, under the Constitution, must be a Buddhist.

5. For long, the Thai alphabet is in second place in the Guinness book of records, after the Khmer alphabet.

6. Well-known energy drink Red Bull based on the Thai drink “Krating Daeng”.

7. In Thailand all the sculptures of Buddha, leased from the manufacturer, because the image of Buddha is sacred and cannot be bought or sold.

8. Thailand — it is a country where the largest percentage of followers of Buddhism, about 95% of the population are Buddhists.

9. The smallest mammal lives in Thailand, this is the bumblebee bat.

10. Thailand is the only country in Southeast Asia that has not become anyone’s colony.

11.Because the environment in Thailand is considered to be the most unfortunate or unlucky day, for shopping or any activities on Wednesday all hair salons are closed.

12. The world’s largest open air Museum is located in Thailand, is the ancient city of Muang Boran.

13. The name of the capital of Thailand is included into the Guinness book of records as the longest name of the city.

14. Thailand is the second in the world in production of pickup-based SUVs.

15. Thailand is in second place after Brazil for exporting Trushnikova sugar.

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mysterious Thailand

16. Russia has debts to Thailand for the supply of rice.

17. On the territory of Thailand can be compared with France, although the population of Thailand numbers comparable to half the population of Russia.

18. Anthem Thailand wrote our compatriot in 1888, Russian composer Peter Shchurovsky.

19. Thailand is the third largest producer of cars after Japan, South Korea and Asia.

20. In 2009 in the Thai city of Pattaya opened Asia’s largest shopping center.

21. To officially zakosit from the service in the Thai army can be a kathoey (transgender). To cut off a penis is not required.

22. Thailand ranks second after Indonesia with total reserves of tin 1220 thousand. tone.

23. Modern Thai Sanskrit and Russian alphabet have common roots more than 3000 years. It’s a scientifically proven fact.

24. Thailand is the largest supplier of natural rubber in the world.

25. The largest postage stamp sold in Thailand.

26. Not strange but the rice in first, as a cultivated plant was launched in Thailand about 6,000 years ago.

27. During the second world war, Thailand took the side of Japan, supporting the fascist regime in Germany and Italy.

28. The currency of Thailand — the baht, the cost, above the European currency is equal to one baht — two Euros.

29. Thais do not like when you touch their heads.

30. From Thailand it is forbidden to take any images of the Buddha, be it sculptures or statues.