The Japanese traditions, manners and behavior of Japanese people
We continue our amazing journey through Japan, in this article we will share about the amazing Japanese people their culture, traditions and customs of the Japanese have developed over centuries.…

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Japan– climate, culture, tradition
Country Japan Japan consists of four main Islands and many small ones with a total area of more than 377 thousand square kilometers, the country's Capital Tokyo – very modern…

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Japanese style in the creation of the garden

Japanese gardens arose under the impression of Chinese gardens. The difference between Japanese and Chinese gardens, S. S. Ozhegov describes as “… In Japan, the garden is formed around a compact, generally symmetrical group of buildings. The Chinese garden includes a symmetrical group of buildings with an axial build, and usually with courtyards. In China, the most expressive point of view on the landscape are highlighted by pergolas, gates, special round openings (in the shape of the moon). Japanese garden design so that a change of beautiful scenery was continuously driven along the route…”.

Religion of Japan – Shinto is rooted in nature. The ceremony and the gods of Shinto are closely linked with the seasons and the scenery. With the building of the capital city – Kyoto – the culture of gardens beginning to bloom. This time is known as the Heian period (794 – 1185 CE) which is associated with the appearance of the characteristic style for gardens. Many gardens in this period occupied a large territory. Almost always in the center of the garden was a large pond that served as water supplies. In the gardens so dear to early flowering plants, paid great attention to the evergreens and conifers. For autumn flowering is widely used chrysanthemum. The Japanese garden is a huge source of images for the viewer, a place of transformation and area of a dreamer that allows you to transcend everyday reality. Continue reading

A child’s birthday in Japan – the child Wants a holiday extravaganza. If you have ideas, just great!


Kids from other countries may well envy the children from Japan as that’s where the largest number of holidays for children. Besides birthday in Japan mark special holidays for boys and girls, parties for children of all ages. At the moment children’s festivals are celebrated in the family, and was such that some have even declared a state.

Birthday of a kid is one of the main events for every Japanese family. In ancient times the birth on light of a new man was accompanied by four of the ritual, and they were held in the evenings, all of the first, third, fifth and seventh days from birth. In our time some where else there is the custom of the seventh day is the ritual of naming “asitia”. On this day the newborn for the first time appears before the friends and family reported his name given by parents. Even if the name was chosen before the ceremony of the seventh day, to call them child only begin after it. While all the guests already at the table, a nanny or grandmother shows the child, and the head of the family holiday announces the name of Chad. Guests, as expected, the newborn drink sake – rice vodka and eat specially prepared meals.

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