Mikhail Terentyev - Russia and England in Central Asia.
RUSSIA AND ENGLAND IN CENTRAL ASIA Two words to the reader. Our recent successes in Central Asia gave rise in Western Europe a whole literature. In England, every surprise, every…

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Interesting facts about South Korea
Interesting facts about South Korea The most important and interesting facts about South Korea . South Korea is among the Developed countries; South Korea leader in medicine among Asian countries.…

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North Korea promised to continue tests

North Korea promised to continue their tests

North Korea announced on Thursday about the “successful start” several missiles, including long range, as part of regular military exercises. Despite the concerns of neighboring States, including Russia, in North Korea found its missile programme “factor of peace and stability” in the region.

“today’s successful launches of missiles this is a regular part of our army military exercises to strengthen the defence power of the sovereign”, – said the representative of the foreign Ministry of the DPRK through the Central Telegraph Agency of Korea (KCNA).

This statement was also stated by South Korean news Agency Renhap.

“Our army will continue missile tests in the framework of strengthening deterrence,” he said.

The representative of the North Korean foreign Ministry rejected the accusations against his country, reminding that North Korea is not bound by any international obligations in the missile area, because it is not a party to the Treaty on limiting the spread of missiles and missile technologies.

“the claim that missile launches conducted on a regular basis by the army, allegedly increased tension in the region and impede progress on the negotiations completely untrue”, – said the representative of the foreign Continue reading

Culinary traditions of Korea

Population (city): more than 11 million people.

Area: 605 sq. km.

Grand metropolis Seoul is the capital of South Korea. About him it is difficult to write something new, as there are quite a lot. However, not everyone knows that the name of this city we speak English incorrectly.

Generally such errors are typical for transcription of Korean words. Much better would be to say “Soul”. By the way, in translation into Russian language the word means “capital”.

Seoul – the capital city with ancient traditions. Before the Christian era in its place was located Virizon, which was the capital of one of the kingdoms of Baekje. In the end of XIV century, after the unification of the Korean state, it again became the capital. Since 2002, actively discussed the construction of the new city is 150 km from Seoul. It is there I want to move the capital of South Korea. In 2003, the plan was approved by the Parliament, and even its implementation has begun. However, after the President became the former mayor of Seoul, the process went much slower.

At the moment the decision on the transfer of capital causes the most disputes between the President and the Parliament. Not so long ago this was sent in the resignation of South Korean Prime Minister. The outcome Continue reading

Citrus – Inspired by the culture of citrus fruits

The trench culture based on the principle of heat transfer walls and bottom of trenches, in which, with proper shelter from above, in winter the temperature remains positive even at lower external air up to -20 ° -25°. This method of culture citrus is specific for areas with deep, warm loess soils, does not require additional costs not only for winter heating, but also at creating in the trenches an artificial nutrient substrate (N. V. Smolsky).

Dry subtropics of Central Asia may become the second production base of citrus fruits in our country. Inspired by the culture of citrus expedient not only in Tajikistan but also in many areas of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. The development of trench culture in Tajikistan was launched in 1949 and by the end of 1967, the districts of Vakhsh valley were already 45 thousand plants, about half of them fruit-bearing, with gross harvest for the last years, more than 2 million fruit.

In collective farms and state farms of the Tajikistan of citrus to build a model trench width 3 m, depth 1.7 m and a length of 60 m. the Plants are placed in trenches in one row. In loamy loess soil walls of the trench are well kept and did not require Assembly; Continue reading