Interesting facts about girls
Interesting facts about girls Any more for whom not a secret that girls on our planet more than men. So men, don't be offended, please write about girls, and then…

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National symbols of South Korea: Korean culture
Every state is looking for identity. And the state symbols – the flag of the country, its coat of arms, anthem, and some others, is the best way. Just look…

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Changes in the architecture of North Korea (slideshow)

Life in North Korea not so many aspects, subject to change. And if something changes, then only with the approval of the authorities. How do I find the correspondent of The Guardian Oliver Wainwright, was no exception and the local architecture: North Korean leader Kim Jong UN announced a new architectural era. However, she has come so far, only in Pyongyang with its illusion of prosperity, high rates of construction and periodic executions of architects.

After a devastating U.S. bombing in 1951, Pyongyang was rebuilt almost from scratch. The construction of “Grand garden of Juche architecture” reached its peak in 1980-e years thanks to the financial support of the USSR: it then began to build a triangular rügen hotel with five revolving restaurants on top, not completed to this day. However, since then, Pyongyang has remained socialist realism in the spirit of construction, combining monumentalism and militarism, visual images of Stalin’s Empire and Korean folklore.

“Architectural era” Kim Jong UN remains true to the tradition, but in a different way: first, construction is underway on the money already Chinese investors, and secondly, much attention has been paid to the entertainment industry. If all over the world North Korean leader know by frequent nuclear threats and ruthless executions of undesirables, at home Continue reading

North Korea promised to continue tests

North Korea promised to continue their tests

North Korea announced on Thursday about the “successful start” several missiles, including long range, as part of regular military exercises. Despite the concerns of neighboring States, including Russia, in North Korea found its missile programme “factor of peace and stability” in the region.

“today’s successful launches of missiles this is a regular part of our army military exercises to strengthen the defence power of the sovereign”, – said the representative of the foreign Ministry of the DPRK through the Central Telegraph Agency of Korea (KCNA).

This statement was also stated by South Korean news Agency Renhap.

“Our army will continue missile tests in the framework of strengthening deterrence,” he said.

The representative of the North Korean foreign Ministry rejected the accusations against his country, reminding that North Korea is not bound by any international obligations in the missile area, because it is not a party to the Treaty on limiting the spread of missiles and missile technologies.

“the claim that missile launches conducted on a regular basis by the army, allegedly increased tension in the region and impede progress on the negotiations completely untrue”, – said the representative of the foreign Continue reading

Topic – North Korea – World of Beer, beer

Trip to the Democratic people’s Republic proved to be fruitful. Familiarity with the products of local Breweries started right in pgegnancy hotel where I was staying. They sell beer from twice Taedonggang Beer Factory. This is the best brewery in North Korea that is not even discussed. Dear Leader Kim Jong Il in late 2000 bought the English 175-year-old Ushers brewery in Trowbridge Breweries for £ 1.5 million. The British themselves it was dismantled, and assembled in the suburbs of Pyongyang. Some of the staff was aimed to study the management and technology of brewing, “Baltika” that Kim Jong Il visited in 2001. After that, the media have long trumpeted that “Baltika” will be brewed in North Korea, but Koreans, loyal to the idea of self-reliance, quietly brewed Taedonggang Beer yourself your not going to change the name. Comes several varieties: Lager -11% and 12%, Black 13% and 15%. If the plant has its own restaurant with the freshest draught beer. Nothing tastes better never drank. In an interview with the Director of the Taedonggang restaurant, lamented the absence of bir-dekela. As it turned out, she did not even know about such things. I was advised to make beer Tekeli and even left one for example. This idea she extremely liked it, and she really tuned Continue reading