Citrus - Inspired by the culture of citrus fruits
The trench culture based on the principle of heat transfer walls and bottom of trenches, in which, with proper shelter from above, in winter the temperature remains positive even at…

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The Most unusual family tradition world
In any country of the parents want their kid the best, but it is "best" differs depending on the nationality and geographic location, says NPR. Perhaps someone's experience seems helpful…

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These strange Japanese

Today I have prepared for you a simple test. Please read the short manga (vansat), attached to this post (16 pages, to read each right to left).

If you do not understand, but laughed, stand to the left. If you do not understand and do not laugh, stand to the right and wait for the guard.

Actually this is a short story called “Idiot” there is nothing like the huge gap that exists between the cultures of different countries. You read like crazy, but for the Japanese, this, like the fable of Krylov eat. The fact that this bansot not raving mad artist, it is just a traditional manzai — Comedy genre in Japan, which actively exists in the country for nearly a thousand years.

Gundam — absolutely unique Japanese feature and implies the performance of two people on the stage — tsukkomi (pragmatist) and the Boke (senile), joking at high speed. While the Boke says or does on stage, something stupid, tsukkomi trying to play a trick on him The majority of the presentation revolves around mutual misunderstandings, irony, pun and other verbal jokes.

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Incurable workaholics, or less Where the rest of all

According to the company Expedia, who interviewed more than 7000 people, more than all the rest Europeans. And it’s not just that they have almost a month to relax. They just use the whole vacation, and Asians themselves shorten it.

Lack of money is the basic cause of shirking a legitimate vacation.

For a long period of paid leave is costly to the state, but not always economic indicators suffer from the fact that workers have a rest for 30 days. For example, Luxembourg 27% surpassed the US in productivity, although its inhabitants rested 32 days, and Americans 14. Often in countries where little vacation, a lot of national holidays — mandatory weekend for all. In the UK the leave lasts 28 days, but only 8 holidays, and in South Korea, 19 rest days and holidays as much as 15.

By the way, in some countries, holidays are not carried over to Monday if falls on a weekend, for example in Switzerland and Norway. And in General we should be glad that our vacation is not very dependent on years of service.But in Asia and Canada young professional on a tiny vacation.

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